What are the benefits of using www.ESOPTraining.com?

How do I Sign up?

If you were referred by a member or advisor, we will have sent you an email that invites you to login and pay your course online with a credit card, or a company check. If you are wanting to join, but don't have an invitation, we provide a different process, whereby you fill out an online form and you are interviewed by the staff to ensure your background and experience are at the level our course requires. We want to avoid course misunderstanding which will cost your company more money.

How much does it cost?

Our costs vary from the level of course you select. Plain Fiduciary is the least expensive at 2 modules, Director is the next level of content and price with 5 modules, and the highest is trustee at 8 modules. Our Annual renewal fee for all levels $195.00 per year. We offer group discounts for 5 or more courses purchased.

How did ESOPTraining develop the course work and content?

Several years back, a small group of leading ESOP advisors sat a hotel conference table during a snow storm and outlined the three roles/levels of an ESOP Fiduciary and began laying out the content themes for each level and order of importance. They then reached out to other faculty, who also were prominent ESOP advisors to help contribute to the core body of knowledge they already were already speaking at ESOP Conferences. Their content was organized and vetted by our faculty and the tests were developed from the approved content. Our goal was to provide an attractive price for training people online, and to help get as many ESOP Fiduciaries trained in a short period of time. Every year, we review the courses for changes caused by legal or regulatory decisions. The renewal course covers those changes plus a few areas we want certificate holders to know.

Who is the training for?

We developed a series of educational courses for ESOP company fiduciaries, directors and trustees. The training is progressive in design, so the lower, least cost, training is for basic fiduciaries; the next level or Director Level, includes the fiduciary course plus director’s content; and finally the trustee includes both, the fiduciary and director content, plus trustee only content. The online training system has features that can help mitigate regulatory, D&O, and fiduciary claim exposure. Having online tools can save their company money, time and improve results.

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